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The Brief

Beyond Counsel, a legal software and service provider formerly known as Practical Planning, engaged The Regeneration Co. during a significant period of transformation for their company. We were trusted to create an entirely new brand, marketing strategy, and communications framework that would create the space and opportunity needed for their company to grow. Beyond Counsel prides itself on making lawyers' lives more comfortable, so we worked closely with their team to build a brand that embodied freedom, tranquility, simplicity, and evolution.



The legal software industry is crowded: Beyond Counsel had to compete not only with disruptive technologies like LegalZoom that are infringing on the market for "human" estate planning law firms, but also with many other backend drafting programs made for lawyers. 

We realized right away that it would be essential to carve out a niche for the client's products and services as they fought to scale their company in an overcrowded market. Therefore, we began work on this project by conducting in-depth market research to generate thorough competitive analyses; we also hosted several consultations with the Beyond Counsel team to determine why their software and systems were not only better, but unique. We discovered that their competitors, while well established, were stuck in the past as it realtes to promoting their technology and communicating the benefits of their products. Competitors were placing a ton of emphasis on the product while largely ignoring the processes and systems that need to work seamlessly with those products to be effective. As a result, we determined Beyond Counsel's most significant selling feature was that they take a holistic approach to improving the entire of ecosphere of law offices — their documents, their software, their systems, and their processes — whereas as others tend to zero in on just one piece of the puzzle.

If estate planning attorneys are going to survive the era of automation, then they need to evolve their practice and break free from traditional estate planning systems.



Communications Strategy


Word Cloud

In the process of developing any brand, the vision becomes more clear as you move farther along in the process. That's why — for a project of this size — we held off on publishing any copy until we were sure which nouns, verbs, and adjectives were best suited to weave into every layer of content. For the first month, we transcribed every call, meeting and relevant digital communications with the client in a 25,000-word document. We weighted the word value based on their delivery date. The words used earlier in the process were not counted as high as those used later in the process. 

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Selling Features

  1. Unrivaled workflow management processes (seamless appointment scheduling, simplified client interviews, automated document preparation, offboarding system) that work together to save you time and money.
  2. Exclusive, proven training on effective strategies to convert potential customers into clients and on how to generate more referrals form new or existing clients. 
  3. Efficient and straightforward drafting by lawyers and staff with less time and errors
  4. Clear, concise and compelling documents that your clients can actually understand. Our documents are one-third the length as those of our competitors, but are equally, if not more, powerful.
  5. More freedom to build your practice, and live your best life
  6. Over 800 hours of CLE included, with 30-50 hours added each month, as well as access to over 1200 hours of archived content approved in 36 states.
  7. Ultra Competitive Price Point 

Mission Statement

Beyond Counsel exists to set estate planning attorneys free. By equipping our clients with systems that are simple, concise, engaging, and efficient to use, we will take your practice beyond the status quo.   


Brand Promise

Our products and services work together to create better estate planning systems and processes. 

We promise to create an entirely new estate planning ecosphere for your law firm, one that is simple to use, more efficient, and more effective.

As a result, you’re going to attract more customers, you’re going to master techniques to convert those customers into clients, and you’re going to build deeper attorney-client relationships.

In the end, you’ll enjoy more time, more money, and more opportunity to grow your practice.

By building a better practice, Beyond Counsel enables its clients to live better lives.


Tag lines & Sub-headers

  1. Beyond Documents: Better Systems, Better Practice, Better Life
  2. Estate Planning Software, Evolved
  3. Make Your Frontend Smarter and Your Backend Work Harder
  4. Beyond the Status Quo
  5. A new hope For Estate Planning Attorneys
  6. We are going to take you beyond your expectations, beyond your current clients' experiences, beyond your current referrals, and beyond what you know.
  7. Faster Appointments. Accelerated Document Drafting. Rapid Growth. 
  8. A simple, effective process to future-proof your practice
  9. By building a better practice, Beyond Counsel enables its clients to live better lives.

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