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Design Services

Logo Design
Corporate Identity
Brand Guidelines
Collateral Design

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Responsive Web Design

User Experience
Site Mapping

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Content Creation

Blog Posts
Press Releases
Email Newsletters

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Social Media Marketing

Content Strategy
Competitive Analysis
Analytics & Reporting
Influencer Strategies
Brand Ambassadors
Affiliate Programs


Our Team

A seamless working rapport built over ten years that delivers consistent results.

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Davis Burroughs

Davis is a wordsmith who can (and has) done it all. He brings extensive experience and a track-record of success in advertisement copywriting, communications research, content strategy, and investigative reporting — to name a few — to The Regeneration Co. His meticulous, thoroughly vetted stories have earned the attention of media outlets like Vox, The Portland Business Journal, and Morning Consult.

He knows how to create viral content: This year, one of his blog posts surpassed 15,000 page views without any advertisements or promotions. That's par for the course, though. In 2013, as an entry-level legal marketing agent, the WordPress.com editors featured his writing  on the homepage of their website, an honor given to less than 1 in 10,00 bloggers. His former editor at Morning Consult, Meg McCarthy, said, "Davis is the rare writer that you can give a complex assignment to and know he'll be able to think critically about how to attack it and dig until he gets the best information out there."


Kyle Calian

Kyle is a professionally trained digital artist that knows how to create materials that have a lasting, positive impact. By using a combination of design methodologies and regenerative thinking, Kyle finds ways to create unforgettable and innovative experiences, products and services, such as The Regeneration Magazine, which he founded in 2016.

He doesn't just design magazines, logos and websites, he designs business practices, too. By considering the full life-cycle of an organizations' products and services, he finds innovative methods to help businesses protect their triple bottom line. Previously, as a project manager for a leading Manhattan-based marketing agency, he worked with a variety of different companies including Google, The Hilton, Columbia University, and The Simply Co.  Before his agency work, he helped launch Anestasia Vodka, a luxury liquor brand, and served as a design consultant for Scholastic, Inc. Kyle holds an MFA in Design For Social Innovation from the New York School of Visual Arts.

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Trust is Everything

We earn your trust by creating fantastic content, maintaining full transparency, and routinely communicating with your team.

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